Beranda / Safeguardingpolicy

Capacity to Implement 

The Partnership is committed to developing the organization’s policy and standard operating procedures (SOP) as well as preparing the capacity to implement safeguard policy in programs and activities, both for those that are executed by The Partnership and by its partners. It is also realized that policy, standard operating procedures (SOP), guidelines, and instruction may need to be updated and adjusted from time to time. 

In developing the capacity of the organization to implement safeguards, The Partnership will strengthen employees’ capacity to conduct assessment, monitoring and evaluation through training both in-house or those that are conducted by others. The Partnership will also provide training or build the capacity of its partners to implement the safeguards. 

In the event that the capacity is short, The Partnership may hire a project-based consultant. 

The employees/consultants will oversee the safeguarding policy implemented throughout the project’s life cycle, from project design and appraisal to the project implementation and closure.