Jakarta, (3/6/2015). The key problem in the implementation of bureaucracy reform is that a one size fits all approach has been used.

Jakarta, (3/6/2015). The reform process has been hampered by local political changes and poor documentation according to Rizal Malik of Kemitraan’s Reform the Reformers program.

Jakarta (17/06/15).Indonesia’s complex and sluggish electoral process contains too many opportunities for graft according to Ramlan Surbakti of Kemitraan: “Our electoral system is the slowest in the world and incomprehensible to...

Jakarta, (15/06/15). Conflicts over land tenure caused by overlapping licences and land allocations are hampering development in the regions.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Forestry Partnership Scheme is one form of community empowerment programs in and around the...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Forestry Partnership Scheme was initiated in an effort to empower communities in and around...


H.S. Dillon (Mantan Direktur Eksekutif Kemitraan)

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