Admin and Finance Assistant – RBP FCPF Communities (4 positions)

I. Position Information
Job code title : Admin and Finance Assistant – RBP FCPF Communities (4 positions)
Duration of contract : 12 months
Supervisor : Finance & Admin Officer

II. Organizational Context
The East Kalimantan Jurisdictional Emissions Reduction Program (ER Program) is a national project to reduce deforestation and forest degradation. This program covers 12.7 million ha of East Kalimantan Province of which 6.5 million ha (54%) is still covered by tropical rainforests which are home to a wealth of globally significant biodiversity, and that support indigenous and other local communities.

The ER Program supports a combination of enabling conditions and promotion of sustainable management practices to address the underlying drivers of emissions. As much as 86.3 million tCO2e of (gross) emission will be reduced over a five and a half-year period (2019-2024) by this ER Program. The Accounting Area for the ER Program covers the entire boundary of the East Kalimantan Province, covering seven districts and three cities, 103 sub-districts, and 1,032 villages (BPS, 2017), and is not only limited to the state forest in the East Kalimantan Province.

The ER Program is implemented by all beneficiaries with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) and the East Kalimantan Provincial Government as the responsible bodies for managing the proposed ER Program. Relevant agencies in the central, provincial, districts and village governments will be involved in the project implementation following the directions of the MoEF and East Kalimantan Provincial Government. Private sectors, as well as local and adat communities within the East Kalimantan Province jurisdiction will also implement the ER Program according to the specific roles and responsibilities agreed and written in the Emissions Reduction Program Document (ERPD). The non-government institutions will be involved and become the government’s partners in implementing the ER Program. The mechanism in distributing the ER Program benefit to each beneficiary is described in Benefit Sharing Plan (BSP) document.

Government of Indonesia has received the first payment for ERP in 2022 and the funds will be managed through BPDLH (Indonesian Environmental Fund). The ER Payments to National and Local Government would be channeled through the state budget mechanism (APBN and APBD) while the ER Payments to Local Communities will be directly channeled through Intermediary Agency (Lemtara) after the Payments are disbursed by The Indonesian Environment Fund (BPDLH/IEF).

The Partnership for Governance Reform (KEMITRAAN), which has been accredited as intermediary agency/Lemtara of BPDLH, was selected and appointed as the Lemtara by East Kalimantan Government for preparing the implementation of ER program and channeling the ER payments to eligible communities/villages beneficiaries.
The objectives of the project are:

Objective 1. Facilitating the readiness of village/community groups beneficiaries and improving their capacity to develop viable community-driven proposals and reporting that are in line with FCPF ERPD’s objective

Objective 2. Facilitating the disbursement of ER Payments/Funds to eligible Village/Community groups that have meet the criteria and requirements of ERP benefits channeling.

In ensuring effective implementation of the Project, KEMITRAAN therefore is seeking for a potential Admin and Finance Assistant that is capable to help with the technical implementation of the project.

The Admin and Finance Assistant will report to Finance and Admin Officer and work closely with Project Coordinator, Project Officer, Finance & Grant Officers, Procurement Officer, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer, Consultants /Experts, and other staffs within KEMITRAAN’s office.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected
• Administration and implementation of the project activities
• Administration of reports, correspondence and related documents
• Management of travel and meeting arrangement
• Procurement and logistical services
• Support to administration of budgets and cost-recovery system
• Payment, receiving and bank account management
• Provide financial monitoring and reporting of activities on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

IV. Qualifications
Education: Minimum Diploma III (three) in administration, finance, economics, accountancy, management or other relevant fields.
3 (three) years working experiences with a minimum 2 (two) years experiences in the field of development assistance; including specific experience in public administration issues (experience in the international CSO/NGO is preferred).
• Fluency in written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia

For the complete Terms of Reference please download the following link:

To apply for this position please submit your CV and other supporting documents as required using this link no later than December 25, 2023.  Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted.

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