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KALEIDOSCOPE Program Adaptation Fund KEMITRAAN 2023


Climate change is a pressing global issue, threatening the entire humanity. A number of studies have shown a significant increase in the global temperature within the century. This global warming causes massive damage to the earth, and results in a long list of natural disasters. Countries across the world, including Indonesia, have agreed to cooperate to reduce the impact of climate change. One of the methods is by implementing a climate change adaptation program in affected areas in Indonesia.

In order to support this agreement, KEMITRAAN received support from the Adaptation Fund (AF), an international funding institution for developing countries to carry out climate change adaptation actions. KEMITRAAN is entrusted as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) to distribute and manage funds and to supervise local organizations called Executing Entities (EE). The local organizations conduct the implementation of the climate change adaptation program (hereinafter referred to as the Adaptation Fund Program) in Indonesia.

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Laode M. Syarif

KEMITRAAN Executive Director