Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Notable Achievements


Kemitraan’s achievements are viewed from its contributions to the outcomes level, which are clustered into three categories, i.e. policy change, create enabling environment and improving welfare. Distinct achievements in contributing to policy change are seen at different levels, i.e. at regional level (beyond Indonesia), national level and local level. At regional level (Southeast Asia), through IKAT-US Project (Southeast Asia Partnership Initiative), Kemitraan worked to build the capacity of its Timor Leste CSO partner in which latterly succeeded in contributing to their advocacy effort to increase the number of women representation in the parliament by 3.3.% (from 32.2% to 38.5%).

At national level, Kemitraan among others succeeded to play significant role in the recognition and protection of indigenous communites through the Constitutional Court’s Decree No. 35/2012 and succeeded to advocate the widening of legalized people’s forest land (Community Based Forest Management/CBFM) by around 800 thousand ha (from 600 thousand ha in 2011 to 1.4 million ha in 2015). Moreover, Kemitraan also contributed to the amendment of ministry regulation on the timber legality verification system (SVLK/Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) and succeeded in institutionalizing reform effort of Indonesia National Police through Chief of Police Decree No. Kep/800/Ix/2015.

At local level, Kemitraan significantly contributed to the issuance of around 40 local policies and regulations (local regulations and mayoral regulations) on E-procurement system that have proven to save up around 10% of local budget. Additonally, Kemitraan contributed to accelerating the implementation of timber legality verification (SVLK) through the issuance of head of regent regulations.

Most of the Kemitraan’s works have been strategically creating enabling environment which can push forward governance reform effort. Effective enabling environment are shown, among others through the creation of Indonesia Governance Index utilized by national and local governments as reference to improve local governance and at the same time empowering civil societies in influencing, monitoring and oversight of policy making processes. Kemitraan created breakthrough to the fight against corruption especially in natural resources sector in collaboration with KPK and resolving tenurial conflict through community empowerment, as well as intensively played role in improving water catchment areas and reducing the effect of greenhouse gas emissions.

Through Kemitraan’s Forest Governance Programme (FGP), Kemitraan has significantly proven to improve the welfare of the forest dependent communities by helping them to obtain permit to utilize forest areas as their source of livelihood and improve their economic earnings.