Hasbi Berliani

Program Director for Environment and Sustainable Governance

Hasbi Berliani has been involved in the field of community empowerment since 1992. He started working for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) for community empowerment in poverty alleviation programs and was then involved in the Multistakeholder Forestry Program, a collaboration between the UK Department for International Development and the Indonesian Government, before joining the Partnership to manage various programs related to sustainable resource management community based. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the National University, Jakarta. He has participated in various trainings at home and abroad. These include Executive Forest Policy Training organized by FAO and the SAARC Foresty Center in Bhutan, and Tailor-Made Training on Advocacy, Organizational Development, and Results Based Management, from NESO-VU University in Amsterdam. With his competence in program management, managing multi-party processes, natural resource management policies, and community empowerment, since 2007 Hasbi has worked as part of the Partnership team as a Program Manager until finally becoming Program Director for Sustainable Governance Community in 2018.