Available in Indonesia Thursday, November 19, 2015 Attach: Policy DKN

Formulating Kitab Hukum Pemilu (Book of Election Law) for Effective Presidential Government in Indonesia

An electoral system functions not only as a procedure and mechanism to convert votes into seats within legislative bodies. It also functions as a set of instruments for democratization of a political system. Monday, October 19, 2015 Attach : Policy Brief on Formulating Kitab Hukum Pemilu

Planning and Budgeting in Community-based Forest Management through Community Forestry and Village Forest Scheme

This policy paper on the planning of and budgeting allocated for community based forestry management in Indonesia has been drafted out in response to the poor implementation of community forests (hutan kemasyarakatan) and village forests (hutan desa) nationwide. The reasons behind the poor implementation...

Kedudukan Hukum dan Peluang Pengakuan Surat Keterangan Tanah Adat

This research report is part of a larger agenda that advocates the recognition of indigenous rights to land. Specifically, this report examine the effectiveness and the problems faced by the Certificate of Customary Land (SKTA), which is now the instrument of formal recognition of...

Peraturan Menteri tentang Hutan Hak

The Partnership is actively involved in the initiation and regulation discussion Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Forest Rights. The draft Regulation has been drafted and discussed with the involvement of various parties, including the civil society organizations. The regulation has been approved through...