Our Approach


Kemitraan is focused on policy and sustainable governance related issues especially in giving provision on evidence based policy making process. In setting the right course of change, Kemitraan has discovered a unique approach in governance reform: building capacity from within and applying pressure from without – our multifaceted reform approach.

It involves working on several fronts –  initiating reform within government agencies, empowering civil society to advocate for reform, and empowering communities to push for demand-driven development plans and public services.

Through its multi-stakeholder approach, Kemitraan tries to synergize and harmonize governance reform activities and to drive transformation via a network of partnerships.

Kemitraan’s comparative advantages include:

(1) as an Indonesian legal entity, it is well known and respected as a neutral and accountable organization with in-house skills to deal with governance issues which can convene Indonesian actors for high level lobby;

(2) has extensive networks of local partners to tap on as sub-contractors; and

(3) has funding mechanisms flexible enough to accommodate urgent programming priorities.

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