Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Indonesia Governance Index (IGI) is a comprehensive index initiated by the Partnership for Governance Reform (Kemitraan) supported by generous funding of AusAID. Through a composite objective data and opinion of well-informed persons, this index assesses the performance of four major arenas of governance respectively, i.e., government (legislative and executive), bureaucracy, civil society and economic society, across 33 provinces in Indonesia.
IGI is aimed to be an actionable index which can be used as a powerful evidence-based advocacy tool to promote good governance practices at the provincial level. IGI could identify areas of improvements for provincial governments, local parliaments, civil societies as well as economic societies. In order to increase their overall performance, by referring to IGI’s indicators, all actors could refine their performances which ultimately enhance the quality of local good governance practices.

In 2008, Kemitraan published Partnership Governance Index (www.kemitraan.or.id/govindex) as a pilot research to test the overall index methodology. Since the beginning of June 2012, IGI team again had begun the process to conduct the 2012 assessment. Assisted by International Reviewer to ensure robust methodology, the 2012 assessment applies the refined IGI methodology with the aim to have a more stable and comprehensive index.

The refined IGI has been tested in 4 selected pilot provinces. Training for all 33 provincial researchers were also provided to ensure the standard of IGI data collection. In the first quarter of 2013, IGI team has completed all Data Collection Workshop in 33 provinces. IGI workshops received positive feedback and were attended by more than 1.000 Well Informed Person (WIP)s from government, bureaucracy, civil society and economic society throughout provinces in Indonesia. Currently, we are in the process to analyse and collect secondary data from government official publications, statistics, and direct observation by provincial researchers. Within few months time, we will provide you with:

(1) Profile of each province’s governance performance,
(2) Overall ranking of all provinces;
(3) Ranking of provinces based on arenas of governance; and
(4) A wealth of data on governance related issues and many more!
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