Civil Society Empowerment (and Open Governance)


Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016

  • To strengthen the political participation of the citizenry both in implementation and also in oversight of the elections
  • To promote the capacity of the citizenry to participate in the process of planning and implementing development
  • To enhance complaints management mechanisms supported by social and community oversight from the village to the national level.

Kemitraan Intervention

From our very inception Kemitraan has worked with civil society organizations – they provide the “pressure from without”, necessary to drive the reform process. Their participation is also essential in drafting responsive policy and regulations.

Our activities under the USAID funded SIAP project work with CSOs to increase their ability to hold the government accountable – especially in monitoring budgets. This furthers our goal of helping to apply pressure from without – by empowering citizens to monitor the behavior of public administrations.

The program delivers capacity building in budget awareness to community groups – especially women’s groups so that they can participate in Musrenbang meetings that determine how development spending is allocated. Journalists are another group targeted, so that they can investigate government spending – or misspending. Over 90 percent of the investigative journalism students felt that the training in budget monitoring was useful and eye-opening.

Another program that focuses on CSOs is the IKAT project – also funded by USAID, and Kemitraan’s first international program. The second Annual Conference IKAT – US held in Jakarta in June 2012 discussed five thematic areas:

1) elections and political participation,

2) independent media and freedom of information,

3) peace building and conflict resolution,

4) transparency and accountability, and

5) human rights monitoring and advocacy.

Around 75 participants from nine countries attended the CSO forum to share experiences, advocacy strategies, best practices, lessons learned and to increase collaboration for future programs. Speakers included: Dr. Michael J. Montesano, Dean of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University’s Faculty of Social and Political Science. Prof. Dr. Bactiar Effendy, and Senior Advisor on ASEAN and Human Rights of Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) Yuyun Wahyuningrum.